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Power Pads

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Happy glow and happy earth.

A set of sustainable, biodegradable partners for Power Potion.

  • 5x organic cotton and hemp reusable cotton rounds
  • 1x organic cotton laundry bag.

Key Ingredients

Organic cotton, Hemp cotton.

Key Attributes

  • Organic cotton and hemp
  • Set of 5 rounds 8.5cm each
  • Organic cotton laundry bag 15cm x 18cm

Good To Know

  • Each round can be used up to 1000 times, so five rounds will save you buying approximately 5000 disposable cotton pads over their life span.
  • They are best washed under the tap after use but they can also be thrown into the washing machine in their washbags.
  • Organic Cotton is GMO free, it doesn’t use irrigation water, synthetic fertilizer or pesticides.
  • Hemp is fast growing and has a larger yield per acre of land than cotton; requiring less pesticides, fertilizer and irrigation.
Power Pads

R 400

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