Set of Beautjies

Original price was: USD 40.Current price is: USD 28.

Try or take anywhere.

A full set of Beauts but mini.

The full set, but mini, to combat all of your skincare woes.

The Set of Beauts contains:

Key Attributes

  • Retexturizer
  • Tone Tuner
  • Max Hydrator
  • Line Smoother

Good To Know

Not tested on animals. Plant-based. Suitable for Vegans. Free from colourants, fragrances, parabens, alcohol, sulphates.

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Directions For Use

See individual directions for Power Potion. Sunny Skin. Face Juice. Wrinkle Shminkle.

What To Expect

Each of the Beauts contain targeted key ingredients that have been formulated to combat specific skincare concerns. They play well together and are easily layered. Here’s how to layer your serums.

Set of Beautjies Reviews

4.8/5 based on 13 reviews
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9 July 2024

I used as described for two days. Some products lasted more than others. The bottles are dark so I cannot see how much is left, or how much to begin with. I understand the logic is to preserve from light, but here follows my reasoning.

The Wrinkle Shminkle lasted only two days.

Power potion was overs the next.

The labeling, although eco-friendly, wears with use. Not great. The packaging is not sealed, which led me to believe … Could this be a store sample just sent? Why is this not tamper proof? The box was not tamper proof, nor the bottles.

I was using sparingly and as indicated, but still found it ridiculous to have spent a bit on a new product to have some yet not others last longer than two days.

With a caveat, I purchased these from Poetry. The problem might be with them (and there are many problems with online purchase from Cape Union Mart). YET–

These products are incredible. I am in!

Get the tamper proof packaging please!

And if not, tamper proof bottles.

I feel this is most important.

My skin loves your products and the combinations.

17 February 2024

I saw this was on special and decided I had to have it! Those little bottles are just too cute and so easy to pop into my travel bag. I have all the products and I’m eagerly awaiting a moisturiser to add to my regime.

Thank you Beaut!!

Kay Vermeulen
10 December 2023

I’ll admit that I was sceptical about Beaut, but after extensive research and egged on by the raving reviews, I ordered a set of Beautjies. My skin and I fell in love, and I’ve since reordered full-size products and will never look back.

11 October 2023

After hearing and seeing such great things about Beaut Serums, I ordered a set of Beautjies to test them out for myself, and I can confidently say that I am SO impressed. As someone who has very sensitive/fussy skin I am always hesitant to try out new products, which is why the set of Beautjies is perfect for trying out all four products and finding the perfect combo for your skin. I have used and finished all four products and will definitely be purchasing the full size of all of them to add to my daily routine. Thank you Beaut for creating such amazing products that not only align to my ethics and values but are super effective in keeping my skin healthy and glowing!

Lara Taylor
7 February 2023

I love these little Beautjies so much. My skin feels properly hydrated and just good overall so far. I’m also enjoying using all 4 products and it feels like some great self-care to me. I will definitely purchase the whole set soon.

Set of Beautjies

Original price was: USD 40.Current price is: USD 28.


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Free shipping on two Beauts or more.
Free shipping on two Beauts or more.
Free shipping on two Beauts or more.
Free shipping on two Beauts or more.