How To Layer Serums

You can get the most out of your skincare routine by layering serums and other skincare products.

Want to know the secret to balanced, glowing skin? It’s all about serum layering!

This skincare hack allows you to get the maximum results out of your routine in a shorter time frame, by pairing and layering two (or more) serums to target your most pressing skin concerns.

How does serum layering work?

Beaut serums are unique in their ability to be mixed and matched because of their lightweight texture that is easily absorbed by the skin. 

The active ingredients in our products have been formulated in such a way that multiple Beauts can be used together without any combination resulting in nasty side effects which makes them ideal for layering together, morning and night.

These gentle formulas are multi-functional and work hard to keep your skin calm, hydrated, and protected while tackling concerns like dark spots and hyperpigmentation, dullness, uneven tone, fine lines, dehydration, and breakouts. One is great, but doubling up and layering your serums is even better!

How do you layer multiple serums?

Layer your selected Beauts one at a time, allowing each one a little time to absorb before applying the next one.

It’s important to layer your serums from thinnest to thickest consistency when pairing together for maximum absorption.

How to layer serums for balanced skin!

Fast-track your skincare routine with a double dose of of your favourite Beaut serums!

By combining two (or more) to tackle your most pressing skin concerns, you get double the benefits and faster results.
The Acne Fighters is a combination of Sunny Skin and Wrinkle Shminkle by Beaut

The Acne Fighters

Sunny Skin + Wrinkle Shminkle accelerate the skin’s repair process while keeping your skin calm by reducing inflammation.
The Plumping Duo is a combination of Wrinkle Shminkle and Face Juice by Beaut

The Plumping Duo

Wrinkle Shminkle + Face Juice combined targets redness, inflammation, and moisture loss, supporting the skin barrier & helping restore it to its natural, healthy state.
The Brightening Set is a combination of Power Potion and Sunny Skin by Beaut

The Brightening Set

Power Potion + Sunny Skin tackle dullness, enlarged pores, and an uneven skin tone all at once, giving you a brighter complexion in no time at all!
The Glow Getters is a combination of Face Juice and Sunny Skin by Beaut

The Glow Getters

Face Juice + Sunny Skin work together to even skin tone & help reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

Are you not sure where to start with serum layering?

Take our skincare quiz to find out what your skincare routine is missing!

Or use this table to get to know our serums and what they can do for you.

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Free shipping on two Beauts or more.
Free shipping on two Beauts or more.
Free shipping on two Beauts or more.
Free shipping on two Beauts or more.