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Why Serums?


Let’s face it, the skincare world is not an easy one to navigate.

Picture it: You’re walking down the aisle of the beauty section in a department store. Shelves are lined with bottles that feel like the radiating glares of the popular kids from high school. They all look perfect, so cool, so intimidating, so you put your head down, and walk by grabbing the first product you can grab. Which one do you pick?

It might sound frightening, but when you figure out which ingredients do what, and how they fare on your skin, you can begin building a routine that works for you. 

At Beaut, we consider a good routine to be stripped back to just the bear essentials. The bones of your routine, so to speak. These are your cleansers, a moisturiser, and a good SPF. With a good foundation, your skin will be set up for success. And from here you can start to add in your treatments. AKA the products that target specific skincare concerns, like wrinkles, pigmentation, and a rough skin texture. 

If this is the part where I start to lose you, I wouldn’t be surprised. Treatments can be overwhelming. When talking about treatments, we're most often referring to products with complex formulas that penetrate deeply into the skin to deliver a high concentration of active ingredients. But finding that sweet spot in your routine, where you're able to layer on treatments to reap the most rewards, can be complicated. Sometimes, mixing one strong ingredient with another can cause skin irritation, which can lead to even more skin issues. 

That’s where Beaut differentiates. And the reason we created our products in the first place. We like to take a minimalist’s approach to treat the skin with exactly what it needs, and nothing that it doesn’t. Our four serums take the guesswork out of deciphering when, how, what, and if they can be used together on your skin.

These gentle formulas are multi-functional by keeping skin calm, hydrated, and protected while smoothing and brightening the complexion. 

Find your solution: If you're...

Acne-prone: Try Sunny Skin. It’s a skin-brightening cocktail that helps to increase collagen production and accelerate the skin’s repair process. The hero ingredient is Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (SAP), a stable derivative of vitamin C. You can also use Wrinkle Shminkle. The soothing mix of bakuchiol and Niacinamide, and Rosehip Seed Oil will reduce inflammation and unclog pores.

Feeling dull: We know a quick fix: Power potion to gently exfoliate, Face Juice for its brightening antioxidants like green tea extract, and Sunny Skin to tune your skin tone.

Dry: Ingredients like niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, aloe and centella, all of which are found in Beaut’s Face Juice, will help to improve skin elasticity, strengthen your skin barrier and retain moisture.

Sensitive: Instead of layering them all on at once, start slowly with one Beaut serum at a time to introduce it to your skin. Powerful ingredients can irritate sensitive skin at first. Try patch-testing before going all in.